@Road_To_Now podcast on The History of American Cemeteries

I’m a big fan of The Road to Now podcast and was very happy to be asked to participate in this week’s episode. I can’t believe how much ground we covered in 38 minutes—the history of cemeteries, why Christians bury instead of cremate, how American cemeteries are different, the impact of the Civil War on the growth of the federal government and its obligation to care for the war dead, the role of the women of the South in caring for the Confederate war dead and how the story about Confederate war memorials is more complicated than we thought, the rising of embalming, the gendered evolution of roles in caring for the dead, the creation of the modern funeral industry, why we use underground vaults, green burial, and why I think we think cemeteries are spooky. It was a lot of fun to be interviewed by Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford and participate in one of my favorite podcasts! You can find a link to listen below.


I’ll create follow-up blog posts this week on particular topics covered in the podcast.

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